Spanish Wine Tasting & Tapas Masterclass

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Sun, sea and sangria! If you think cheap plonk sums up Spanish wine then think again. Spain is one of the oldest as well as largest producers of wine in the world, producing a diverse range of wines including Cava, Rioja and Sherry. And its cuisine has become the envy of the world thanks to superstar chefs like Ferran Adria (El Bulli). Our Spanish Masterclass will give a true taste of Spain.

Come and sample a selection of tapas whilst touring the best vineyards of Spain in a compact 2 hour course…



1. Camino Bankside

What is Camino?

About Camino

Camino is a place to enjoy ‘The life and soul and tastes of Spain’.

We love travelling from one region of Spain to another along the ‘camino’ – the Spanish word for road, way or path – discovering the best local food and drinks. Each region in Spain has a strong and distinct identity, and the Camino is the link between them.

We have a passion for this country of strong contrasts and enormous spirit, a lifestyle where food, drink and company are vital elements to everyday existence.


2. The Atlas, SW6 1RX